Laminite®, provides extreme protection in high wear areas on your equipment from abrasion with impact resistance and extraordinary results. Easily installed in a variety of applications, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Laminite® is a long lasting tool to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

aA layering of white iron over mild steel, Laminite® is easy to weld with minimal preparation. The mild steel backing cushions the white iron enabling it to withstand abrasion even in the harshest of conditions.

This unique product was created in 1971 by Hensley Industries Australia (formerly Mason & Cox, now a licensed affiliate) for mining and quarry applications. Hensley now markets the product in North America through Hensley's authorized dealer network. Laminite®'s reputation for being the ultimate protection against impact and high abrasion extends into the steel, cement, coal, glass, sugar cane, and wood chip industries.

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Beverly Gravel, Division of Plote Construction Company, Elgin, Illinois.  One million tons of gravel mined per year.  Super-Block FSCB40s on the heel of the bucket at one year.


The inside cheek FSDLP270 Wear Bars 2" wide x 10" long have replaced hardfacing.


Super-Block FSCB 40 Chocky Bars on the rear side of bucket and corner of the heel. 

On the heel the FSDLP270 wear bars with FSDLP403 4" wide x 12" long Skid Bars.