Ground Engaging Tools

Black Cat Blades

Black Cat Blades Ltd. began manufacturing cutting edges in Edmonton Alberta in 1968. In the following decade as machine size and horsepower increased, Black Cat invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to produce higher quality, harder, tougher “Through Hardened” edges. Many other manufacturers during that time were clinging to the older technology, making their carbon edges thicker to compensate for the lack of toughness. That dedication to being an industry leader fueled the company’s growth and continues today. Black Cat Blades now operates multiple production facilities in Canada and China and distributes their industry leading products worldwide.

In 2003 Black Cat began to develop an offering of complementary cast wear parts to offer a broader range of parts for their distributors. Investing heavily in research and development, design, and quality assurance, the company is determined to develop a “first-tier” product offering. The range of these parts grew quickly and now includes a large variety of bucket teeth and adapters, ripper teeth, bucket lip and sidebar protection items, bull dozer end bits, half arrow shaped blades and segments, and numerous other complimentary wear parts for a broad range of applications

The entire team at Black Cat Blades Ltd. is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of their customers by providing superior quality, service and product support. The first paragraph of the company’s culture statement defines the commitment: “Our culture is driven by the rewards of honesty, integrity, trust and high achievement with respect for each other, our assets and our environment. These values will not be compromised for profit.”










Hensley Industries

If you are in the business of excavation, reclamation, mining, trenching, or any other earth-moving enterprise, Hensley would like to be your company for construction and mining wear parts and attachments. Why choose Hensley G.E.T. (ground-engaging tools) and attachments? Because we love what we do and it shows in the way we earn your business. We appreciate what it takes for your earth-moving equipment to run profitably and efficiently, so we run every aspect of our business to help you meet those requirements.

Sure, Hensley has plenty of competitors who would also like to have your wear parts and attachments business, but when it comes to giving you personalized service, Hensley is in a class by itself. We do whatever it takes to keep our customers satisfied because we realize that if our customers are happy, we can continue doing what we love.

Hensley Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing ground engaging tools, buckets, and specialized attachments since 1947. On December 8, 2000, Komatsu Ltd. purchased the Hensley group of companies ending a twenty year period of ownership by Galveston-Houston Company. During this new and exciting era as part of Komatsu Ltd. you will see major growth of Hensley products in the construction and mining industries. At the same time, we plan to continue earning our reputation for providing the best service and the most outstanding quality in the worldwide marketplace.



MTG is a family company which guarantees professional and independent management. We want the Triginer family to be a means of transmitting stability and continuity to our customers. 

Without limiting innovation. Our most resistant steels and our newest-generation products are the result of a decisive promotion of continued improvement and of the R&D and innovation process, with the aim of attaining a product and production technology which provides our users with greater productivity and performance and which, at the same time, improves our agility and flexibility in response to our customers' demands. New tools for communication, such as the website and the new iPad, make it more and more easy to work with us.

MTG is currently immersed in a phase in which communication—more agile with our customers and more direct with our markets—will also be directed towards the clear generation of brand value and towards attaining a clear pride of ownership in this great family, of which you, too, are undoubtedly an important part for the present and the future of our company.